Maps of Historic Gettysburg 

HGAC has made available 11 x 17 maps of the town of Gettysburg. The maps will highlight places of interest for folks visiting the Gettysburg area. The new maps will be available at the GNMP Museum and Visitor's Center, the Lincoln Train Station, and the Wills House.

Businesses and agencies can purchase a pad of 100 maps for $10 by contacting HGAC. Individuals may request a map
by sending a self-addressed stamped business size envelope to HGAC, PO Box 4611, Gettysburg, PA  17325

Gettysburg Map w560h841.jpg
G.A.R. Hall Ornaments
GAR Painted Ornament.jpg

G.A.R. Hall Brass Ornament $10.00

GAR Building w Flag Painted.jpg

Hand Painted Wooden G.A.R. Hall $15.00

Ornaments may be picked up at the G.A.R. Hall. Call first: 717-334-5185

G.A.R. Mural Booklet 

$10 (includes shipping & handling)

Civil War Hospital Tour Booklets

$10 (includes shipping & handling)

Ornament Backside.jpg

Backside Of Ornament

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