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Four Book Series

Historic Architecture of Adams County by James Fritz

HGAC is proud to present all four volumes of "Historic Architecture of Adams County," written by lifetime HGAC member James Fritz (2018, 2019, 2020).

Book Four of Four - Mansion In The Wilderness
Book Four Front Cover Image w300h400.jpg
Book Four Stonework.jpg
Book Four Stairway.jpg

Middlekauff Manor, Cashtown

This work is the fourth in a series of FIVE works that are to become a permanent record of HGAC’s efforts at preserving historic structures. Hopefully, others will be inspired to explore their history and its remaining built environment. The book begins with a patriotic, hopeful and ambitious American scene that is personified by leaving the iconic “Lady Liberty” behind as the national symbol and adopting the “American Eagle.”

The front cover of this publication features the dignified and imposing front door and surround of Middlekauff Manor. Its appearance is at once “plain,” yet speaks of the wealth and station of a yeoman farmer who has reached the epitome of success at the dawn of the 1800’s when Adams County was in its infancy.

This publication contains photographs of buildings that received the prestigious Preservation awards from HGAC. The awardee dwellings are located in Arendtsville, Aspers, Bendersville, Biglerville, Cashtown and Littlestown. Several Honorable Mentions have been included in this work, because of the history or architectural merits of the structure. While we cannot include every dwelling and structure in this publication, the author has taken license to include Honorable Mentions. The work is aimed at a regional audience that will purchase this work. This “Heritage Series,” will be a valuable resource for the casual reader and serious historian, since it makes a nice coffee table item and yet contains a generous amount of foot notes to scholarly articles. This series will become a collector’s item and serve HGAC well into its future as its “flagship publication.” The Planning Commission of Adams County has already requested and received copies of our important publications for their library.

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Book Four - $30.00

Book Four w. Shipping - $38.00

Book Three of Four - Foreword by Bonnie Braun, HGAC Board Member
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Book Three - $30.00

Book Three with Shipping - $38.00

Book Two of Four - Foreword by Jonathan Ingram, Past President HGAC
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Book Two - $30.00

Book Two with Shipping - $38.00

Book One of Four - Foreword by Anne Zabawa, HGAC President 
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Book One - $30.00

Book One with Shipping - $38.00

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