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HGAC Invests in Next Generations of Students

New Learning Experiences Offered

HGAC launched its Investing in Youth Initiative in 2019 to:

  1. Increase appreciation of historic resources in Adams County;

  2. Provide learning experiences for youth and adult educators; and

  3. Build a workforce with skills to preserve historic buildings.


Donors and partners are providing financial and in-kind support for learning activities. Volunteers serve on the Initiative Team. If you have questions about donations; ideas for our youth education; and/or interest in serving on the Initiative Team, contact HGAC at 717-334-5185.

HGAC Partners With Learning Lab
  • Skilled artisans to teach timber faming, stone masonry, log hewing, peg making and other skills to build or preserve historic buildings.

  • The Adams County Technical Institute to provide learning labs for the high school Building Trades classes.

  • The Gettysburg Foundation who has generously permitted the labs to occur at the restored George Spangler Farm.

  • Three labs have been held at historic barns since 2019 with another scheduled for October 2022. For more information, contact Greg Kaufmann at 931-217-0269 or HGAC at 717-334-5185.

Scholarships Available

To preserve and restore architectural, cultural and historic resources, requires a workforce with appropriate skills. As the current cadre of workers ages, a replacement workforce is needed. The replacement workforce will rely on youth to continue and/or expand the number of workers with skills in associated trades. The availability of skilled workers will encourage owners and potential owners to preserve and restore local buildings.

HGAC is committed to offering donor-funded scholarships to build a workforce of skilled young people. The scholarship is intended for students attending a certified trade school to build skills for historic building, restoration and preservation.

For more information about applications or donations, contact HGAC at 717-334-5185 or email

Membership Benefits Young Students

In 2022, HGAC added a student membership option for $10. Youth members are encouraged to participate in HGAC activities and to volunteer.

Donations and membership dues can be paid at through PayPal or by check. Questions or ideas for youth activities, please contact HGAC at 717-334-5185 or email

Join a Quest for Fun, Prizes

Barn Quest is a scavenger hunt for 12 architectural features on historic barns of Adams County. Barn Quest is a fun way to learn about barns for students, home schoolers, visitors or any youth who need a break from their devices.


Teachers--consider how to include in your curricula.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles--Spend some quality time with young relatives on Adams County's beautiful back roads looking thru the windshield to explore our historic barns. We think you'll start to see old barns in a new way.

Prizes will be awarded to selected entries submitted to HGAC by Oct. 31st each year. You can download the quest by clicking here or by using the QR code shown here. For more information about Barn Quest, contact Bob Mcilhenny at 717-420-6500 or HGAC at 717-334-5185.

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