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2024 Barn of the Year -
Manor of Maske

Barn 381 Manor of Maske_edited.png

HGAC's 2024 Barn of the Year Award went to Lois Edwards and Larry Musselman for the total renovation of their barn, the Manor of Maske in Gettysburg, # 381 on HGAC's Barn Registry.

Below is a before photo of the barn, showing the extent of the renovation needed:

HGAC 2024 Barn of Year before photo.jpg

2023 Barn of the Year -- the Rogers-Frost Barn  

2023 Barn of year resized.jpg

HGAC's 2023 Barn of the Year Award went to Sherry Rogers and Clifford Frost for the total renovation of their barn on Mount Hope Road near Fairfield.

The Rogers-Frost Barn is a circa 1860 extended Pennsylvania Barn constructed by William Culp, brother of Henry Culp of Culp’s Hill fame. The barn was plundered twice by Confederate troops in the summer of 1863 on the way to Gettysburg.

When Rogers and Frost purchased the barn in 2014, the barn needed extensive repairs to failing timbers and masonry. The barn siding and louvers were damaged and deteriorating. With the help of contractor Hugh (Sam) McKinney, Rogers and Frost methodically addressed significant threats to the barn’s existence and completely restored the barn.

Curt Musselman and David Salisbury_edited.jpg
Scott Barn 2022 Award winner_edited.jpg
2022 Barn of the Year -- The Scott Barn

The HGAC Barn Preservation Award for 2022 was presented to David and Cynthia Salisbury for the exceptional work that they have done repairing, rehabilitating and preserving the Scott Barn, #146 on the HGAC Historic Barn Register.



The barn is located in Freedom Township at 320 Scott Road and was built in 1870. It measures 75 feet by 46 feet and is 38 feet tall.


The timber framed, Standard Pennsylvania Barn has a stone foundation featuring beautiful carved granite quoins that contrast nicely with the other stones which are local shale and sandstone.


The award plaque was presented to David Salisbury by Curt Musselman, Barn Preservation Project and Grant Program Executive Director, at the 2022 HGAC BarnArt Show & Sale.

Ditzler Barn Barn of Year 2021_edited.jpg
Ditzler Barn named Barn of the Year for 2021

The Ditzler Barn, #265 on the HGAC Historic Barn Register, was honored with the 2021 HGAC Barn Preservation Award.


 The barn, located in Biglerville, is the home of the National Apple Museum and was renovated to create room for the museum. It has been thoughtfully maintained and preserved by the Biglerville Historical and Preservation Society.


The circa 1857 Standard Pennsylvania Barn includes a later wagon shed addition, and measures 91 feet by 52 feet and is 41 feet high. The building provides a perfect venue for barn-related events such as the Barn Preservation Workshop hosted there by HGAC in 2018.

Cornerstone Barn Honored with 2020 HGAC Barn Preservation Award


Parry Baer and Kathleen Reilly are the proud owners of the Cornerstone Barn at the 7 Sky Farm on Crooked Creek Road in Franklin Township, and they are being honored by HGAC with the 2020 Barn Preservation Award for the tremendous job that they did of restoring their late 19th century barn.

The barn had different owners when it was surveyed on July 17, 2015 by a team led by Kendra Debany and was noted as number 185 on the HGAC Barn Registry. The barn is a standard Pennsylvania barn measuring 71 feet long by 45 feet deep, including an 8 foot forebay. Parry and Kathleen purchased the barn in 2017 and between August and October of 2019, they undertook extensive repairs and restoration of their barn with the help of the Stone Ridge Construction company.


Their goal was to make the barn look more like the original barn and to add some tasteful, useful accents. The roof

2020 Cornerstone Barn of the Year.jpg

was coming off, so replacing that was the first order of business along with removing and replacing any rotten beams. Then new siding was added and the vents, windows and doors were replaced. Three working, vented cupolas and two pent roofs were then put onto the barn.

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